February 3, 2017

Valentine’s Day: Tips to set the table for friends, family, and loved ones!

IMG_2908_2Let’s talk about love! Valentine’s Day is coming up and we want to spread the love by inspiring you to do something special. This year, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day by hosting a gathering with friends, family, and loved ones; singles, kids and couples a-like! At Stokes, we think that Valentine’s Day doesn’t only need to be about tables for two and candlelit romance but also a celebration of friendship and the love you have for everyone in your life!

This Valentine’s day, we hope you get inspired to host a meal that brings people together to create fond memories, share in friendship, celebrate love – and to set a table to match!

Comfortable and casual: IMG_2869_2Who really wants to sit elbow to elbow with other couples and spend a fortune on a set menu when you can be in the casual comfort of your own home? Hosting a Valentine’s dinner party is a way to escape the over -the-top fanfare of the holiday.  We gave our table an informal ambiance by setting each place with our Lexie flatware set, our Ripple red dinnerware set, our black modern tray, and the wooden cutting board to complete the arrangement. Place a pillow like our black elegance cushion on your bench to add even more coziness to the evening!

IMG_2884_3Romance is the right vibe:  Even though you might bedecorating a table for a group of friends or family, this is a Valentine’s Day celebration. To us, keeping the romance alive is the right way to go! We all deserve lots of love in our lives, and it can be just so much fun! We added the Love Frames as decorative accents and heart shaped tableware is a repetitive theme for this tablescape with our heart shaped fondue set at each end of the table and the red heart shaped bowl at each place setting. Hugs and kisses are brought to our table by our xoxo mini platter and for beverages we used our Riedel champagne flutes to add a celebratory flare. Why not make a toast to love and friendship at your get-together?

Lovely linens: We love using our linens in new and creative ways. A tablecloth doesn’t have to be just a tablecloth, especially if your table deserves to shine throuIMG_2901_2gh like our classic wooden one. We took three of our Nature Tablecloths in red and folded them lengthwise to position them across the table under each place setting to create red table runners! It brings unity and uniformity to the table. You could even just fold one and have it going down the middle of your table lengthwise. Who knew a tablecloth could be brimming with so much versatility?

Floral flare: Timeless, festive, and classic. Flowers and any nature effects are an essential decorative touch to your table!  Add an easy centerpiece; you don’t need to over think a bouquet! Talk about versatile products – we used our white waffle pasta tin as a vase for our bouquet! Go neutral with the floral color pallet, or have it draw out an accent from your tableware. Flowers on any table, for any holiday are a do.

IMG_2875_2Something simply sweet: Candy, chocolate, and fruit directly on the table is a simple way to add some novelty to the event. Fondue is fun and interactive, and you can have it for both your main meal and for dessert! We used the Remy Olivier Cast Iron fondue set for a hot broth fondue and for dessert, the heart shaped fondue set with chocolate and fruit.  Kids love to celebrate every holiday and we think they’ll appreciate this tip especially! Keep in mind that fondue includes flame and high heat, so make sure to keep the fun safe!

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