January 23, 2016

Valentine’s Day Brunch

There is no better day to spread the love than Valentine’s Day and we have the tips and tricks to make this day one to remember. Valentine’s Day isn’t just to show your significant other that you love them, but invite all those that are special to you over for a delicious healthy Valentine’s brunch. Keep it simple with eggs and toast but in heart shapes perfect for the occasion.

Heart Eggs

To pull off the ultimate brunch, all you need is a frying pan, and a heart and circle cookie cutter. There are two different ways to make eggs and toast into heart shaped. First, cut a heart shaped piece out of the bread. Your first option is to put bread with a hole on the pan and then fill the hole with the egg. Your second option is to separate the yolk from the whites. Place the circular cookie cutter on the pan with the heart shaped one inside. Fill the heart shaped cookie cutter with the yolk and the circle with the egg white. You can even add some meat to your plate in the shape of a heart by simply twisting two strips of bacon to form hearts. This wouldn’t be a special celebration without some mimosas. Serve elegant Mimosas in our Paris Flutes for a unique yet coordinated look. Mimosa

For dessert, serve some seasonal fruit in the shape of hearts (once again using our heart shaped cookie cutter). Or if you want to take it to the next level, make some chocolate covered strawberries. Simply melt dark chocolate chips, dip strawberries into it, and then place them on wax paper in the fridge for a few hours to harden. You can even crush some nuts and sprinkle it on top while the chocolate is still warm for an added crunch. Serve these delicious treats on our Glamour rectangular plate.


If you’re celebrating the day just with that special someone, turn brunch into a breakfast in bed for the two of you to enjoy. This task is made easy with our Provencal bed tray served with our Mr. or Mrs. Mug for your favorite morning drink.

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