April 8, 2019

Julie Blais Comeau: Stress-free Easter Buffet

I love having people over for Easter! It is a time of renewal. After the long and dreadful winter months, all our senses bloom and we are ready for spring! Dishes become more alive too, with the spring color pallet. Easter smells excite the taste buds, and the traditional egg hunt fills with joy! Warm hugs fill the heart. While the star of the day, chocolate, is good to eat, and good for the soul! Hallelujah!

As an etiquette expert, I am here to share the rules and my best tips for making your Easter entertaining as easy as possible, (and definitely stress-free).

Strategically assign your seats to honour, facilitate conversation and avoid faux-pas. It is better to prevent than to repair, is it not? 😉 Place guests according to their hierarchy of importance, alternating from right to left, from a woman to a man. Start by placing the guest of honour, like Grandma or Grandpa, to your right, which is always the place of honour. Separate couples. Assign seats by adding the names of guests on an egg holder filled with a chocolate egg. Each guest can then leave with this cute party favour.

Arrange place settings with B-M-W: B-read, M-eal, W-ater and W-ine. The main plate (for your meal) is in the centre, the bread plate goes to its left while the water and wine glasses are on the right. The fork is on the left, the knife on the right with its blade inwards. The spoon goes to the right side of the knife, and the glasses on top of the knife. Utensils and glasses are placed in their order of service, from the outside to the inside.

Encourage guests to move around and socialize with service stations: cold foods and breads, hot dishes and their sides, desserts and cheeses, as well as a station for coffee, tea and their accompaniments. Set them up on trays or placemats. Add colour with napkins. Use serving utensils for each dish.

If your buffet is on a single table or counter, the flow of food is from cold to hot; salad, vegetables, main dishes along with their sides and sauces.

Plates and utensils are at the beginning. Roll the utensils in napkins and place them in a container. Allergy and restriction Tip: put the ingredients of the dishes in plain view by writing them in a picture frame.

Everything is better with chocolate!

This chocolate fondue served in a fountain is always a big hit is a hit amongst guests of all ages. Who doesn't love dipping their favourites in chocolate?

  1. Prepare trays and bowls of fruit, pieces of cake, pretzels, nuts and marshmallows.
  2. In a saucepan, bring to a boil and monitor 1 ¼ cup whipping cream (35%).
  3. Remove the pan from heat and add 1 lb of chocolate, one piece at a time.

  4. Add the chocolate to the fountain and start dipping. Sweet or salty, you decide.



Ding-dong! The guests are here!

Happy Easter! Thank you for coming choosing us to help in creating your Easter memories.

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Watch Julie talk about hosting the perfect Easter gathering on Breakfast Television Montreal here.

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