September 22, 2017

5 Inspiring Ideas For An Elegant Thanksgiving Table

The season for indoor entertaining is here, and Thanksgiving is one of the first big events on the calendar! Before any food is on the table, your table décor can make a great first impression and set the tone for the evening. There are many options for the theme and mood your table setting can create. There’s rustic, casual, playful, formal, modern, elaborate and traditional, just to name a few, and each table should be created with its own unique vibe in mind. Like many holidays throughout the year, Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and appreciating togetherness. However, every complete table setting has at least a touch of seasonal creativity or holiday cheer that makes it just as unique as the holiday you’re celebrating! Setting a fall-inspired Thanksgiving table is a breeze if you just let the outdoors be your guide. Nature makes it easy by inspiring us with its natural cycle of seasons and array of colours. For our table, we drew inspiration from the transition of seasons, going from vibrant summer colours to warmer and sometimes more subdued earthy tones. We kept the décor classic and simple, yet warm and inviting. This year, with the help of our easy inspirational tips, set a table that will draw in your friends and family for an unforgettable holiday celebration!

(Not So) Plain and Simple

If you enjoy setting a holiday table, but want to surprise your guests with something different, go neutral and go simple. We’ve done the colourful tables with the classic holiday hues and seasonal colours. Bright and vibrant, those tables are energetic and mirror the excitement we feel that comes with holiday cheer. This time, we had a different philosophy in mind. While we wanted to stay true to the values Thanksgiving brings forward and the season in which it falls, we kept this table’s palette in neutral tones, focusing on white and beige, with wood and gold accents. Switching things up and taking a different approach to your decor is sure to make an impact with your guests. This Thanksgiving, it’s all about the mantra less is more.

Harvest the Classics

When choosing dinnerware and stemware for a table with a warm and basic colour scheme, complementing it with classic designs will do your vision justice. On our table, we used the Riedel Stemware. Made in Germany, its sophisticated design and high quality construction will speak for itself–your table doesn’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles to impress your guests. We also went classic with our dinnerware–the curved pattern on the Sola Dinnerware Set complements the subtle swirls of colour in the Gelato Coffee Dinnerware Set and makes them the perfect pair for our neutral, yet inviting table. Sometimes the key to creating gorgeous table décor is thanks to a designer who knows when to hold back! Skipping the loud prints, vibrant accents, and the traditional holiday embellishments can be the way to a carefully balanced and elegant table for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Modern Autumn

When you think of autumn in relation to a tablescape, your mind might go to rustic-chic, warm and woodsy tones, autumnal colours and maybe even an antique look. To keep a modern and classy element to your table, you can add touches of gold or silver. On this year’s Thanksgiving table, we achieved this by incorporating some glitter in our name cards and we wrapped our Rings Flatware with a quaint gold ribbon. This easy-to-add element will add sophistication to your table in no time.


Fact: Adding seasonal elements from nature enhances any table setting. It brings the soothing quality of the great outdoors in and is sure to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. This time of year, you can literally pluck some great decorative accents for your table right off the trees! Plus, natural embellishments are elegant and easy. Whether it is colourful leaves, branches, or seasonal produce, like the butternut squash and acorn squash we used, integrating nature to your table will add liveliness and warmth to the ambiance you create.

Show, Don’t Tell!

If you love to host gatherings for friends and family like we do, you want to make sure your guests feel at home at every event–whether it is intimate and casual or grand and extravagant. You can show your guests your appreciation through features of your tablescape that can be thoughtful and stylish. Place settings, for instance, should have a unique inviting touch; show your guests you’re grateful that they are there with a personalized name card. Other elements you can add to make the evening feel special is to demonstrate you went the extra mile by bringing out particular items that you cherish, like a dinnerware set that has been passed down through the family, or that you save only for special occasions. Layering the place settings with multiple chargers and placemats, like we did, also adds an element of drama and novelty to the table.

Give any of these a try and we’re sure it’ll be a success.

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