July 31, 2018

Priscila’s Kitchen: The Perfect Summertime Dessert

Dessert is always a must, no matter how full you are! But in the summer no one wants to spend their time in the kitchen with the heat of the oven!

If you are finding it too hot out to bake lately, here are @priscilaskitchen ʼs tips for an easy summer pie that will keep your kitchen nice and cool!

Summertime Pie
  1. Start with a crust that requires minimal to no bake time, like this quinoa crust that bakes & sets in under 15 min.
  2. Use fresh fruit! Instead of lengthy baking times, try making the filling in a saucepan with some sugar & starch to create a quickset jam filling in minutes.
  3. Make your pie truly drool-worthy with a meringue topping and use a handheld torch for a beautiful and tasty caramel finish.
  4. Let it set in the fridge for at least 2 hours so that it maintains its shape while serving. Also, using a pan with a removable bottom makes cutting the perfect slice a real cinch!


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