July 24, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Lobster!

Excited it’s lobster season but too intimidated to prepare it at home? @priscilaskitchen has some lobster tips for you! Everything from choosing the right catch to easy prep for delicious results from tail to claw! Let’s get crackin’.


  1. Fresh equals feisty (lively). You are looking for the feistiest lobster with the longest feelers (antenna). The longer they stay in the tank the more sluggish they get and their antennas tend to get broken off over time too.
  2. Choose a lobster that’s around 1 pound to 1.5 pounds for easy prep!
  3. Steam, don’t boil! Boiling dilutes the sweet flavour and grilling or boiling dries the meat! @priscilaskitchen has a delicious broth recipe you should try.

  4. Separate the tail and claws before cooking for easier meat removal. Run a chef’s knife from top to bottom in one swift cut, then twist & pull off the tail & claws and place the pieces in the steaming pot.

  5. Don’t overcook the meat! A 1 pound lobster will take 10 minutes to steam. For every 1/4 pound more or less, add or subtract 1 minute to the cooking time. The lobster meat should be opaque, so if it’s still translucent it hasn’t cooked enough. Undercooked meat will also be harder to remove from the shell. Use the right tools to release the meat in beautiful chunks
  6. Using the right tools like scissors, claw crackers and meat picks will ensure you end up with nice whole chunks of meat.


Happy lobster cooking and donʼt forget to share your photos and tag @stokesstores & @priscilaskitchen

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