July 25, 2015

Upgrade your Living Space

Your living space is the room in your house you go to be comfortable, relax, and be yourself. Decorating it can be a challenge regardless of whether this is your first room or you’ve done this countless times and are just in need of an upgrade.  The toughest part of decorating any room is figuring out what style or theme you want, and making sure that everything coordinates. We’re here to guide you with the latest home decor trends so you can get started on the right path to a fabulous looking room in no time!


Before you can even begin to think about decorating, you have to choose a paint color. The wall color you chose is very important as it dictates the atmosphere of the room and what the decor will be. Painting it a vibrant, bright color is always fun but after some time might lose its charm, and it will be difficult to find matching decor. The trend now, in order to avoid this dilemma, is to paint your walls a neutral color; off white or light grey is a very popular choice. Choosing a neutral wall color allows you to have fun with colors in the rest of the room.

If you choose a neutral wall color, you can join in the upcoming trend, dynamic pairing. Dynamic pairing is when you pair classic shades such as black, white, and/or grey with a pop of color (usually a vibrant, eye-catching color).  Red is a popular choice, but these days blue is on the rise for home decor as well. With this in mind, turquoise is a great option for your accent color. For example, if you have a white couch, you can add some turquoise throw pillows to it or our turquoise all purpose bin is perfect for that pop of color and can be used to hold all your favorite magazines.

Another advantage of choosing a neutral wall color is that you have a lot of freedom with your wall decor. If you love vintage and classic movies, our movie wall posters are for you. We have one for each of your favorite classic movies; Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, My Fair Lady, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If movie posters aren’t for you, how about a nice wall ornament with picture frames filled of memorable pictures from over the years. They can act as conversation starters or just a nice reminder of some of your favorite moments. Our picture memo board is a great way to add some photos to your wall while still being practical. You can place 4 photos and your weekly schedule on a dry erase board.  If you just want the pictures and no memo board, our studio gray veneer picture frames are perfect. Print up some black and white photos for a nice contrast.

living space3

Last, but certainly not least, you mustn’t leave out lighting. An integral part of any room; it can brighten up any dark space, add a nice warm glow, and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the room. Lamps aren’t only a good light source; they should be part of the decor. To go with your neutral color palette, the metro white or grey table lamp will compliment any room; a modern silhouette and ample lighting, what more could you need? Add some LED ivory candles around the room for added ambiance without having to worry about the flame,  you can even place them in our Provence Hurricane Lamp; its elegant design looks great on any table, mantle and even counter.

Happy decorating!

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