March 31, 2017

Sugar Shack Brunch at Home: An Easy Guide


At Stokes and thinkkitchen, we know a good home-cooked meal always makes for the most delicious food–and eating out can get costly! For some of us, it’s as simple as loving to have people over –it brings us joy to bring people closer, spend quality time, and provide a delicious meal! Entertaining is part of the fiber of your being and we want to help you take pleasure in any occasion–at home!

This week, we invite you to get creative and Canadian for your next gathering–why not go with a sugar shack theme? It could simply be for breakfast, a brunch with friends… or how about a themed party for someone’s birthday? All you need is amazing food (which is easy with the recipes we provide!), a rustic-chic ambiance, and of course: tons of maple syrup! Just follow our 5 easy tips to make your next entertaining occasion a breeze–we swear it will be short and sweet! You and your guests will be sitting around your beautifully decorated table enjoying good food and good company in no time.

The vibe: rustic-chic comfort. 

When you plan and prepare for any meal, what you serve and how you serve it creates an atmosphere and ambiance –a vibe! For a breakfast or brunch event à la cabane à sucre, you want your table to have a rustic and natural look that creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere. As for what you serve, try elements of a classically Canadien sugar shack meal. You’ll have no trouble creating a comfortable ambiance with your choices, since sugar shack menus are filled with the ultimate comfort food! Keep reading to find some delicious recipe suggestions.


Maple all the way: pure maple syrup and an easy way to serve it.

Sugar shack menus were created based off of their main produce: maple syrup. At first, they were a one product shop! The menu later developed naturally around the sugary syrupy substance, so you best be prepared to cater to your guest’s sweet tooth! Only the best and purest maple syrup should be served – we do live in Canada after all! Our maple syrup pot will ensure a spill-proof experience so the whole gang can enjoy it with ease!SUGAR_SHACK_WOOD_Pan

Pot your beans: the customary way to prepare Québecois fèves au lard.

Most of us are familiar with the canned version of baked beans that you just throw into a pot and warm up. But are you familiar with the authentic way to prepare them? Our Remy Olivier bean pot will help you create the most appetizing and rich baked beans ever.  It takes a little bit of extra planning (because you need to soak your beans overnight and slow cook them in the oven for 7-8 hours), but the rest of the preparation only takes about 15-30 minutes!  Your guests will appreciate the extra mile you went to make them a genuine sugar shack meal, and the pot’s charming design will add to the rustic ambiance of your meal.bean-pot-2

The goods: dinnerware and flatware – something fresh, warm and rustic.

When setting your tablescape for a sugar shack inspired meal, you want a dish set that will bring warm and rustic vibes to your setting, but one that still has an element of elegance that every dish set should have! The marble pattern of the Gelato dinnerware set will add a unique touch to any table setting. The neutral tones will complement most serveware, like our Amanda platter and our Lexie flatware. A good pitcher for a sweet morning sugar boost, like freshly squeezed orange juice, is a breakfast must. Our Amalfi pitcher does the trick, and doubles as a decanter!


The main attraction: food–something sweet and savoury!

As any good host knows, the main attraction at any occasion is the food! If the food is missing something, your event just won’t have the same impact, even if everything else is absolutely right! For an event like a sugar shack inspired brunch, we recommend one of our easy electrics to help make your meal. Our Belgian waffle maker is great for entertaining because it makes waffles fast and it’s easy to use! We have two great recipes for you to try it with: our caramel banana waffles and our chocolate waffles. If waffles aren’t for you, one of our latest blog posts features a complete brunch: a modern sweet and savoury meal. With maple bacon, fried up in our Remy Olivier Force non-stick pan, maple drizzled ricotta pancakes and a maple chai latte on the menu, it’s perfectly on theme and it’s sure to please any guest! Find the recipes here!


Here to help you take pleasure in all the entertaining you do,



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