April 7, 2017

Set the Perfect Table for Easter

featured3As the first holiday since the start of spring, decorating for Easter has a special feeling of optimism and excitement to it! The time of hibernation is over, nature has awakened, and the cycle of the seasons has begun again. It’s time for renewal! Fresh colours and vibrant accents that we keep out of our decorating repertoires during the colder months are brought back out with a keenness that can’t be matched with other holidays. We rejuvenate our homes and, as we celebrate the holiday, we can revitalize the way we decorate our table settings for family events and gatherings. Now is the time for light, bright, and colourful décor!

Where to start!? With so many beautiful spring ideas in your mind’s eye, how do you go about making sure you set a cohesive, polished, and most of all, welcoming tablescape? A stylish table is well within reach, thanks to our 6 tips that will steer you in the right direction and inspire your table décor.

With these styling tips and the beautiful tablescape our team put together to help you envision your dream table, there’s no doubt your table setting will be your best one yet–and a creation your guests will love!

Pretty Pastels!pastel3

For Easter, pretty pastel colours are an easy choice. Light and airy, yet energetic, pastels mix and match easily giving you the creative freedom to bring in any items you have in this array of colours. Our Ice Aqua and Ice Mushroom dinnerware sets are well complemented by our Monaco blue napkins and the pale pink, white and mauve floral arrangements.

Asymmetric Arrangementscenter-piece3

Asymmetrical arrangements can make a table fresh and different, and compositions in odd numbers bring a whimsical aspect to a tablescape. For centerpieces, we often lean towards making everything equal and symmetrical. But why not branch out? Our centerpiece is made up of 3 unique items that come together to create a unique cohesive arrangement. Our Primavera Décor Tree, with the Malaga vase and the Bilbao vase (fashioned as candle holders with our Yummi Formal candles) add a creative, fun, and whimsical touch to the table!

Seasonal Flowersfleurs

As spring’s hallmark bloom, tulips are a stunning floral choice for your Easter table; they are available in an array of colours and often at a very affordable price. Soon to be blossoming in a garden near you, we chose tulips for their charmingly simple silhouette and chose to keep our tablescape mono-botanic to highlight the flower’s effortless elegance. The subtle design on our Ocean vase is pretty and lets the tulips stay the main attraction.

Light Linens and Delicate Prints glasses_4

Prints can add a fun and dynamic element to your setting without overwhelming the rest of your décor. For the linens, keep them light in tone and colour, like our Faux Rattan Placemat and the Simply Round Placemat. The exquisite print on the Monaco linen is visible, yet subtle. This keeps the table feeling neat and uncluttered. The delicate square and circle etchings on our Trend Stemless and Trend Goblet drinkware add an eye catching aspect to your table and accentuate the playful characteristics of Easter. Our Pearl Flatware Set’s refined beaded pattern will complement the rest of your tableware with ease while maintaining the fun flare of this spring holiday.

Spring Elements springelement

Using spring elements as table décor is a classic and easy way to decorate your table. Nature-inspired elements represent spring perfectly. Our Primavera Decorative Ornament and Candle Holder feature robin eggs nestled in between twigs and blue-green flower blossoms –what better way to bring quintessential spring to your table? Keeping the table airy by letting it breathe is an important aspect of setting a spring-inspired Easter table: light glassware gives the tabletop space and helps to keep the feeling clean and bright (like spring!) and the white marble table is appealing because of its luminous and mostly white texture. As an extra flowery touch of spring, we added our Mon Jardin Bowl to the setting!

Delight Your Guestsnapkin2

Guests are any host’s raison-d’être! Your goal is to create an ambiance that makes them feel welcome and comfortable at your celebration. A fun and imaginative way to do so is to leave them a little gift at each of their place settings. On our table, we left each guest a tulip, which is held in place on their Monaco napkin by a quaint little ribbon tied into a bow. What a delightful surprise that will be sure to keep them smiling for days to come!

Here to help you impress your guests with a beautiful and welcoming table this Easter,


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