October 1, 2018

Priscila’s Kitchen Product Review: 3-in-1 Apple Machine

I love kitchen gadgets that serve more than one purpose, which is why I couldn’t wait to review this 3-in-1 Apple machine that peels, spirals and cores. Its simple design is ultra-functional, allowing you to adjust for maximum versatility. While apple spirals are fun in salads, it’s great that you remove the spiralizer/ coring part if all you want is to peel your apples quickly! The peeler also adjusts from keeping the peel on to various degrees of thickness…which is great because I don’t like wasting so I set mine to peel ultra thin!

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind while using this nifty little gadget:

1.Make sure it’s well anchored to a clean counter. If there is debris, either on the counter or under the machine, it won’t stay in place which will make it difficult to use.

2.If you decide to remove any parts, store them in resealable bag so that you don’t lose any of the small pieces.

3.Rinse in hot water immediately after use to ensure no bits of apple get stuck on.

Happy apple season everyone! Don’t forget to share pictures of your recipes using the 3-in-1 Apple Machine by tagging @stokesstores and @priscilaskitchen.

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