October 11, 2018

How To Set The Perfect Fall Table

Thereʼs definitely an art to setting a beautiful table, but setting it for 2 or 12 is not the same! Here are my tips for setting a beautiful, yet functional table this fall.


If you donʼt often entertain large groups, it may not be worth buying multiples of the same set. Instead, have fun by mixing & matching different sets to create a unique table setting. Here are a few pointers:

Start by choosing you colour theme. Whether it be monochromatic or contrasting colours, knowing what colour scheme you are going for will help you make decisions as you start placing things on the table. I decided to go with gold & blue.

Next, decide which element will tie everything together. For me it was going to be gold, so I used Stokes’ Champagne 20-Piece Mirror Flatware Set and gold chargers for each setting.

Now you have the choice to either alternate complete sets or mix & match them.


Having the right utensils on the table is paramount to an enjoyable dining experience. While the official entertaining guide would recommend having a formal place setting set up, my advice is to have what’s essential to the meal you will serve, ex: if you arenʼt serving soup, drop the soup spoon. Not only will that save you from doing unnecessary dishes, a table filled with unused utensils looks cluttered and less appealing.

Now how do you set the table? Forks on the left, knife & spoon on the right and dessert fork & spoon above the plate. A great way to save space is to wrap them all in a folded napkin and place them on top of the dinnerware.


Donʼt be afraid to mix up different styles, what’s important is that every guest has a water & wine glass. If you are limited in the number of glasses you have and donʼt want to constantly be doing dishes, have your guests initial their glasses with a specially made marker!

Center Pieces & Table Decoration

There is no denying that centerpieces and table decor make a beautiful statement, but there is also no denying that decor should never get in the way of the meal. If you plan to serve family style with everything on the table, intricate layering of props can be a pain to move around. A table runner is the perfect canvas to work on, to which I like to add large bowls filled with decorative squash, electric pillar candles, and even a vase of wild flowers. When it’s time to bring the main dish to the table, moving bowls is much easier than having to move things piece by piece. You can also use cutting boards and plates in the same way too. Once all the food is on the table, fill any gaps with some of the decoration and your table is guaranteed to be stunning!

Donʼt be afraid to get creative, your guests will appreciate the efforts you go through to make your table beautiful & inviting!

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