November 1, 2016

Give a gift, get a gift – Your Holiday Head Start


October has come and gone and we all know what that means – the season of giving is here! Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a daunting task. This year Stokes wants to help you get a head start on your gift giving – and there just might be something in it for you too!

Check out our gift giving guide below for every person on your list !

10557216_1For the
Tablescape Artist

Getting the details right for every occasion, while creating a welcoming and festive table, is what this gift beneficiary is all about. The Christmas Juniper Dinnerware Set helps add joyful cheer to any table and will help your Tablescape Artist set the perfect table.

For the Holiday Host 10515139_1-heart-revolving-condiment-set

A Holiday Host wants to make sure their spread has something for everyone. What better way to give them a gift by buying them something to help them make sure of that. The Heart Revolving Condiment set gives a party planner the ability to set out all their guests’ favorites!


For the ones who love making festive foods and seasonal sweets

For the cooks and bakers in your life, their happiness comes from other people’s enjoyment. Lend them a hand this holiday season by making sure their spice collection is on point with the Mason 16-Jar Spice Rack.


For the one who always brings the Holiday Spirits

Do you know someone who never lets a party guest go without a drink in their hand? For this lucky person on your list, it’s all about helping people enjoy the moment in a relaxed atmosphere. The 3 bottle dispensing system on our Bar Butler will them make sure everyone’s joining in on the merrymaking.


For the one who loves to brew the perfect cup

This person on your list believes a hot drink can cure all.  Whether it’s to get their day started, hearing out a friend, or with a good book in hand, something brewed should always be within reach. The Mousse Milk Frother will take their brewed experience to the next level.

10470292_1-_-triple-swiss-racletteFor the specialty chef

The specialty chef is someone who likes to experiment. Finding the right appliance to help them make exactly what they want, how they want,  is what makes them tick. The Triple Swiss Raclette will let this person on your list grill anything to perfection.

For the one who devoted to decking the halls 10551199_1-rudolphs-sleigh

This gift recipient is easy to please, all they need is something that can add some holiday cheer to their home! Avoid clashing with decorations they already have by going with a classic and elegant look like our Rudolf’s Sleigh.

For the one who loves to snuggle up10549662_2-checkered-throw-red

We all know one person who would stay inside all winter if they could! This homebody knows that cold days are for cozying up with something to read or for starting a Netflix marathon. Make sure they stay warm all winter long with this Red Checkered Throw.

For the play10175242_2-drinking-roulette-gameful one

This one is for the person on your list who loves a good game and some healthy competition. Getting the whole group involved, while making the energy in the room go up a notch is what this person loves. The Drinking Roulette Game would make a perfect gift!

Here to help you get every aspect of your holiday season just right,


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