June 9, 2017

Get Inspired for Your Summer Wedding Table Setting!


Weddings are the special moments where we celebrate love between two people… and do they ever come with a lot of celebrations! If you’ve planned a wedding, been part of the wedding party or just attended a lot of weddings, you know it’s not just the wedding day itself that is an important event. There is an abundance of other important occasions to host, plan, decorate, cater or cook for on this sometimes long and winding journey down the aisle.

Most weddings, bridal showers, bachelorettes or engagement parties consist of the same things each time: toasts, food, cake, flowers and activities… That’s why it is the unique and creative details that stand out and are remembered the most. So, where do you start? Well, a table that is tailored to your personality and wedding theme, as well as one that is engaging for guests, is one way to make your event remarkable and distinguish it from all the others! Unanticipated centerpieces, individualized place settings, or interactive decorative accents are just what a table setting needs to be noteworthy. Your tablescape should be charged with a distinctiveness that can only be yours, while still making guests feel comfortable and appreciated!

With a variety of accents, textures, patterns, and shapes to choose from, it is easy to get planning your unique tablescape. Let this table setting inspire you to try something new with your table décor for any event you are hosting this wedding season!

Gold and Greenery


Gold and green are two classic colours that you can’t go wrong with. You’ll find them on many traditional wedding tables, but if you are going for a more contemporary tablescape, they can also be incorporated into more modern and innovative styles. Our green garland that weaves its way down the center of the table is a classic look, but right on trend for 2017, and the gold detailing of the Facet Flatware is subtle and adds sophistication to the table. Small accents such as these can bring something old and something new to your setting!

Summer Citrus


Citrus colours, such as green and yellow, pair perfectly for a summer wedding. Bright and fruity, they will keep your table fun, fresh and festive. Our yellow Monaco tablecloth,for instance, adds a light linen touch in a beautiful hue. But don’t stop there for fruity décor! With fruits being all the rage, we couldn’t resist adding in some pineapple accents, like the Tropical Drinking Jars and the Pineapple Spoon Rest. We even included actual fruit as part of our decoration for the center of the table. If you plan on doing something similar, why not offer the fruit for guests to have later on with dessert?

Personalized and Organized


If you want to plan an event everyone will remember fondly, you have to make sure that you show your guests you thought about their experience (even if these events are to celebrate specific people).  Each place setting is an opportunity to spread the love, show you care, and keep the event convenient for everyone. A tea light for every place setting, like we did with the Glass Flower Tealight Holder, creates a special atmosphere for every guest. Mixed and matched drink markers from our Cactus, Pretty Woman, and Watermelon Wine Glass Marker sets are a cheerful embellishment that makes sure glasses won’t get mixed up as the night goes on. These details may be small gestures, but in the end will mean a lot for the guests and the happy couple.

Tabletop Action


For a playful way to decorate the center of your table, place a drink dispenser, like we did, directly on the table. Guests will appreciate the easy access to a cool drink, like lemon and lime infused water, to help them cool down, especially if you are planning an outdoor reception during the warmest months of the year. Served on our Pearl Sea Platter, we even added some extra limes and lemons in the center table. They make a thirst-quenching decorative accent, and guests are free to garnish their own drinks. Why not!?

Love Is All You Need


Let’s not forget, these events are for celebrating love and romance! That being said, it won’t be a mistake to show hints of it in your décor. Our All You Need Is Love Hurricane doubles as a statement vase and we took advantage of that on our table. We filled it up with white and yellow roses and complemented them with lively sprigs of greenery. Try the same, and your guests won’t be able to resist the amorous charm!


Mix Materials


For a summer event, especially if the reception is in the open air, mixing materials, patterns, and textures can add dynamic depth, feel, and character to your tablescape. This is what we did for our table. Our Viva White Dinnerware Set is made of porcelain, while for serveware, the Flora bowl and Triana Plate are made of glass, the placemat is birch wood and our Flare glassware are acrylic. By combining a variety of materials, you create a vibrant tablescape for all to enjoy!


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