April 4, 2015

Dining With Personality

Setting your table is important for any occasion; whether it’s just dinner with the family or a big blowout bash. The dinnerware you choose sets the mood and shows people who you are. Luckily at Stokes, we have a set for everyone; if your style is a bit more edgy, soft and simple, or you prefer bursts of color and fresh floral patterns, we’ve got you covered.

ECOMM Tabletop1

Like a more refined look? The Celebration Dinnerware set set offers a classical white modern look to your kitchen.  Bringing a level of sophistication and elegance; this set is timeless keeping your table looking clean and simple for every occasion.10381628

Are you looking for something bold and not as simple? Not to worry, the Blue Boom Dinnerware set is perfect for you. Its simplicity and soft colors add brightness to your table and show that you can be bold without being overwhelming.


Combining style and functionality, the Derby Blue Dinnerware set will add charm and color to your next dinner party. The blue color is reminiscent of the beach and will immediately bring you and your guests to a sandy paradise.


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