December 18, 2018

Blender BFF: Top 5 Uses For Your Blender

As a single mom, I am always looking for time saving tricks because let’s face it… there is never enough time! Now I’ve had every type of blender, from handheld to heavy duty, and I can say with absolute confidence that the most powerful blender you can afford will be the best investment you ever make. Believe it or not, a blender is so much more than just a smoothie maker, and with the new year you’ll be putting this amazing tool to good use! I know I am! So here are my top 5 items your blender can be used for, ultimately making it your new kitchen BFF.


Forget store bought hummus or baba ghanoush, in just a few minutes make your own at home! The key to blending thicker textures is to start with all the wet ingredients first, adding the chunkier, drier ones in through the top feeder a bit at a time while the blender is on high. This technique doesn’t overwhelm the blades and guarantees the smoothest, creamiest dip ever!

Quick Pancake Mix

Literally throw all the ingredients in the blender and mix on high for a few seconds. Added bonus, the blender spout makes for easy pouring right onto the hot skillet!

Whipped Cream

Sorry, not sorry… I just made it easier for you to indulge in this delicious treat… like on that previous stack of pancakes. Tip: it takes 10 seconds on the highest speed. Also don’t overfill, the cream will double in volume as it whips!


The key to making salsa and not a veggie smoothie is pulsing. Just a few pulses will get you a deliciously chunky salsa… a few more pulses gets you a smooth one.

Nut Butter & Milk

The only thing between you and some glorious nut butter is about 15 minutes… yup, it’s that easy! No oil or sweeteners are required, just your favourite nuts raw or roasted, it’s up to you, just blend until smooth (it really does take about 15 min so be patient). Oh, if you are a nutella fan, I’ve got you covered with this recipe.

For nut milk, soak the nuts for at least an hour first and then blend with cold water. You can add some vanilla or honey but raw & unsweetened is just as delicious!

In reality, there are a dozen more uses for your blender… soups, sauces, salad dressings, fluffy eggs… my advice is to start experimenting! Don’t forget to have fun, enjoy the process and make friends with your kitchen equipment!

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