October 2, 2015

Soup, sandwich… or both?

There’s only one meal better than a nice soup to keep you warm for fall, and that’s pairing it with a delicious sandwich. It’s a great option for any night of the week as its quick, easy, and there are so many combinations that you’ll always have something to choose from!

Pairing the perfect soup with the perfect sandwich is no easy feat; it’s much harder than anticipated because of the abundance of choices we have. Not only do you have to decide on a sandwich, but you also have to choose a soup to go with it. There are specific rules to follow to make sure you get the most out of your soup/ sandwich combo.

Twig Soup

Rule #1: Keep it balanced; if you’re having a heartier soup (meatier, creamier…etc), pair it with a lighter sandwich, maybe even a vegetarian one. Keep in a mind that both a sandwich and soup are substantial meals, so one should be a little lighter to not overeat. It also goes the other way, if you have a vegetarian/lighter soup, pair it with a meatier, heartier sandwich.

Rule #2: Use complimentary flavors; there’s a reason why grill cheese and tomato soup is such a classic pair, they complement each other so well.  The grill cheese is fattier, with the butter and cheese and you’re pairing that with an acidic tomato base that essentially cuts the fat. Some typical pairings of flavors to help you in the right direction are; sweet and sour, salty and sweet, and spicy with a touch of cream. This is important as you don’t want to overshadow any of the flavors, and you especially don’t want them to clash.

Tahiti Soup

Rule #3: Make a hearty sandwich but make sure that it isn’t too big. You want a sandwich that’s bursting with flavors and can fill you up, but that if you dip it into your soup, won’t fall apart. A good way to make your sandwich is to start simple then add to it. Always start with your protein, add your favorites vegetables and then a complimentary sauce.

Now that you know how to make the perfect soup for your sandwich (and vice versa), you need the perfect dinnerware set to place it on. To eat soup, you need a round bowl, one without a rim as those aren’t deep enough. You want to get every last bit of that soup, so you want to be able to pick up your bowl at the end and drink those last few drop. Our Tahiti Carmine dinnerware set great for this, it has a nice round bowl and warm colors for fall. If that’s too many colors for your taste, our Twig dinnerware set has more subtle colors with a simple, yet elegant design that’s also perfect for fall and even has the perfect bowl for your soup! If you don’t need a whole dinnerware set, our Breakfast Set is perfect for you. It comes with the ultimate soup bowl and place for your sandwich.

So what are some of your favorite soup and sandwich combos? Comment below!

breakfast set

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