March 4, 2017

12 Tips to make your kitchen more convenient


With March comes longer days, melting snow, and weather in the positive digits – what a relief! The milder weather gets us inspired to open the windows for the first time in months and to let the sunlight and fresh air in. This is the perfect moment to take a good look at our homes! They have been our havens for the long cold, dark months, but it is time for change, it’s time to seize the moment and see how we can clean, improve, or organize before the warm weather truly hits.

As one of the most important rooms in your home, your kitchen deserves to get all the attention it needs to make it the most efficient and practical room in the house, as well as the most beautiful and welcoming space. With you in mind, we put together this list of ways you can make your kitchen more convenient by saving on space with storage tricks, arranging frequently used items in more accessible ways, keeping food  fresher longer by storing them in the best way and generally creating a more user friendly space.

Once you put to use these tips in your kitchen, we hope it won’t only be the most important room in the house, but also everyone’s favourite room in your home.

1. If you use it at least a few times a week, keep it within arm’s reach!

10528589_2Spatulas and big spoons are always needed at the stove. A container or even a vase keeps them tidy and stops them from always getting jammed in the drawer! Check out our set of kitchen tools here.

2. Have no doubts about which tin to grab with clear organizers.10106060_1_1

Ones that have windows do the trick as well like these clearview canisters.

3. Keep cutlery up right and easy to grab while entertaining by storing them in jars. 10525492_1-for-web

You don’t need to splurge on single purpose organizing tools – use something like jars, a cup or pitcher to pull off this trick.

4. Get rid of bulky packaging, say cereal boxes for example, and put in something reusable!10496601_1

It’ll save space and is better for the environment. Go with our big glass storage jar for something completely clear AND you can use our Trudeau glass markers to label them!

5. Keep life in and outside the kitchen coordinated with a hanging memo board. 10508721_1

Meal planning, activity reminders and why not some cute pictures of your family too?

6. Put it in its place!


These items were designed with your food in mind to keep it fresh! A dark dry spot for bread, a covered dish for butter, and aerated tins for garlic, potatoes and onions!

7. Use the walls and vertical space!10558323

A knife set that hangs on the wall skips the counter hogging knife block and magnetic spice jars can stick to the fridge or any other metal surface.

8. Use something you already have to help you store more efficiently! 10529784_1

Bamboo steamers might seem like a single use item, but they’re great for anything that needs to be stored with ventilation such as onions and garlic!

9. Two-in-one tricksKITCHEN_ESSENTIALS-for-web

Dish racks don’t have to be just for drying. Add one to a shelf or drawer to keep pot lids organized by stacking them like plates.

10. Easy access to E-recipes10541775_2

Save on space by using e-recipes instead of cookbooks and print outs cluttering your kitchen.

11. Collect your cookie cutters in a clean cut way10224198_12237644_1

A paper towel holder can double as a neat way to hold your cookie cutters by stacking them through their centers in place of the paper towel.

12. Dishes as DécorBOGO-FLYER-dinnerware

Why not use some of your favorite dishes as décor for the walls, or on shelves, in the dining room? This will save tons of cabinet space in the kitchen.

Here to help you make sure your kitchen brings you joy,


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